giving back


Did you know that in the U.S alone, 40% of the food we grow and produce is thrown away? To put that in perspective, that’s roughly $162 billion annually worth of food that is never used. That’s a lot of waste that could otherwise serve some 58 billion meals. And as most of you New Yorkers know, our city produces a lot of trash and a big portion of that is organic food waste.

We love the organization called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and first started volunteering when Nick was in The Great Comet. This awesome group, takes the perfectly good food we don’t use and donates it to local NYC charities that can use it to feed those that are in need (thanks to the Good Samaritan Act signed in 1996 that made this possible). We will be working with them to help deliver the food directly, donate any extra food we have, along with donating a portion of our sales. If you want to learn more about this food waste problem and how to help, check them out here.