I’m a writer and co-editor for Forage + Free's blog, a NYC based actor and personal chef. With the majority of my time traveling throughout North America with Broadway shows and as a lover of food, I’ve had the opportunity to seek out the best of the region's culinary landscape, re-creating recipes at home, talking with chefs, and honing in on the importance of keeping food local and relying on self sustainable cooking. Initially what drew me to cooking were both saving money and the importance of self-reliance. The social aspect of cooking and the sense of community are the icing on the cake! Before joining the blog world and after my time on the Broadway stage, I've trained at top NY restaurants like 'The Spotted Pig', 'Momofuku', and 'The Greenhouse Tavern' in Cleveland, and have since opened my own catering business. 



“I met Nick at a private event up in New York. So impressed was I with his work that when organizing a New Year’s Gala in Washington, DC, I decided to bring Nick down. A Gala hosting more than 150 people requires a good deal of planning. From advising on different alternatives to an impeccable execution, Nick offered us a true treat, a unique, completely stress-free, culinary experience. Nick’s creation was artistic all around… He combined tastes and colors with presentation and an exquisitely elegant display in what became a truly memorable night. Nick delighted our guests with an unparalleled experience, second to none. The event took place a couple of years ago. To this day, guests are still talking about Nick’s creations and the overall success of a truly unforgettable New Year’s night in our Nation’s Capital. Nick is, unmistakably, an extremely gifted artist… - J. E. Yrausquin – Managing Attorney”
I thought the food was spectacular, Nick worked with me on the dishes tailoring them to what I wanted, able to bring everything to my home, not only prepare but also serve for a large party and clean up. Overall very very satisfied with everything.  I know people still talk about that party and the food, now years later. - Matthew Maloney"