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Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes (even though they have nothing to do with either Jerusalem or artichokes), are probably my favorite vegetable out there.  They're roots of sunflowers and look knobby and tuberous like ginger. Eaten raw, they're nutty and crunchy and super delicious, crispy like a water chestnut with a mild sweet nutty flavor. I love slicing them thin with a mandolin into salads like you would radishes.

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I had never heard of a sunchoke (also called Jerusalem artichoke) until my first bite during my stage (aka internship) at The Spotted Pig. Their fall menu featured an escarole salad with roasted sunchokes, bitter parsley, capers, and a creamy and bright lemon dressing. It was one of the best, simplest salads of my life and the humble sunchoke was the unremitting star.

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