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Over the years my pantry has become a cast iron sanctuary. Unless I'm running a restaurant, what can I possibly do with 4 identical cast iron skillets? Certain foods take on a smoky hint of the outdoors that just can’t be replaced with cookware like enamel or steel and good ol' cornbread is no exception. The way the cast iron divides up the heat throughout, makes this dutch style of cooking ideal for something like cornbread. 

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Quiche is quite possibly the perfect dish. I couldn't love eggs more and quiche is their most perfect form in my opinion. When it's tall, silky, and custardy and you have a crust that is buttery and flaky, you could serve it for a midnight snack, brunch, or a perfect dinner with a nice green salad and have a balanced meal.

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Tom Kah Mussels

One of my favorite things to eat, especially when it’s chilly outside, is curry. Whatever a curry's origin, it is straight home cooked food, never fancy and even if you didn't grow up on the stuff, the aroma and the taste of grilled garlicky bread in the broth is enough to make your mouth happy.

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