SUNDAY ROUNDUP: Weekly Favorites

Shou Wu Chih

Looking for a juice spot while working in Chicago, I found B'Gabs Goodies in the south side hood of Hyde Park, a hippy-dippy juice and vegan food spot with shelf lined walls full of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. The co-owner, who needs his own TV show, introduced me to a tonic he swore by and takes 3 times a day as a shot. 'This shit, Shou Wu Chih, is amazing,' he said as he displayed the bottle in his hand with a thick "white guy rasta" accent. One shot later, and my eyes and my general mood perked up. It's a tonic made from the tuberous 'foti' root or 'polygunum multiflorum,' arguably one of the most powerful and popular herbs in ancient Chinese herbalism and is popular all over Asia. Working in balance, it's both energizing and calming to the nervous system. It's tonifying, cleaning and warming the blood, liver, and kidneys and supports immunity by improving adrenal gland functions, it boosts sperm count and ova health in women and it's mostly known to keep and maintain hair health and color and longevity, which the Chinese pride themselves in maybe more than any culture. I could go on about it but pick up a bottle. If there's a chinatown or asian market near you, grab a bottle and see for yourself. I add it to my smoothies, stir it in with hot water, and even mix it with alcohol like you would with bitters. 

Lego Andrey

One of the perks of twitter is that fans of the show follow us and sometimes they even gift us with cool stuff. Thank you Anna Jakob from Denmark for this hand painted, SPOT ON LEGO of Andrey, one of the two roles I play in Comet. There's something about having your own pronged-hand, block-footed LEGO that is just so cool. Thanks again, Anna!'s Benzoyl Peroxide

This stuff has been my savior. After I met Alicia, who it turns out, is a bit of a facial clearing genius, my forehead began breaking out like a throwback to middle school picture day and I was not a happy camper. My skin has always been on the oily side and bumps and milia would appear but never like this. Alicia took me by the arm and told me not to worry and ordered which she has used for years with results that forever changed her skin. The key is to make it a nightly ritual of applying a layer of the gel to my forehead and after just a few months my skin was commercial style fresh and so CLEAN CLEAN. Since using it, my skin's make up has completely changed. This treatment is special since it's a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which works just as well as 10% solutions (which you often find in the drugstore) but without the crazy dryness that comes with the high percentage - which is the last thing you need, dry flakes around your acne. If you have oily skin or deal with skin issues, look these guys up. 

Pho Bang

Any chance I get to host visitors in the city, I'll invariably bring up Pho Bang Vietnamese restaurant. The beefy fragrant broth which tastes like it was ladled straight from a huge kettle of bones simmering in bits of black cardamom and anise, is the perfect flavor depth and key to a great pho. This spot does it better than anyone. The silky linguine-thick rice noodles, slices of paper thin eye-round, brisket, and the crunch of thai basil, are enough to send my heart soaring with delight. If I have guests I usually order the cold Goi Tom shrimp salad with papaya and thin sliced cabbage and the limey vinaigrette with torn mint and peanuts. I don't eat much pork but I make an exception with their grilled pork chop. Something about the way they grill the pork chop is so caramelized, smoky, and wonderful. For a group you might also try the spring rolls with pork wrapped in lettuce. If you're a shrimp person, the Bun Tom Nuong, the grilled shrimp wrapped in lettuce leaves with thin vermicelli and marinated cucumber is delicious. Wash it down with a hot vietnamese coffee. I ask for half the amount of condensed milk because they drink theirs SWEET. Some of the best food in the city I've had here. Head to Mott Street and Grand and tuck in! You'll see what I mean.

Major Lazer - Light It Up

Here's some fun eye candy for a Sunday afternoon. In honor of The Great Comet's holiday party being thrown tonight at a tasty West Indian spot in NYC, I present you, 'Light it up' featuring Nyla, a Jamaican singer/songwriter. A song produced by Major Lazer and DJ Diplo, taken to another level when Method Studio got a hold of the music video and made their own tripped out, bonkers version using motion capture style animations of faceless figures in an explosion of colors and furs and feathers and dance moves and well...just watch.