Scrolling through my instagram page might give the idea that I've joined some crunchy vegan cult and stopped eating meat altogether. I still eat meat (sparingly) but my latest fix is plant based foods. As a challenge to myself, I've been on a mission, not just for health but for finding and creating both versatile and tasty plant based foods that are making their way into a CLEAN based cookbook I've been working on (coming soon). Cauliflower has become one of my favorites. Besides containing 77% of your daily dose of vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, B6, and fiber, it easily takes the form of anything from bread to couscous. Cauliflower pizza crust has been popping up on menus and chef instagrams so I wanted to give it a go. For a first time, it came out wonderfully. After ringing out the water, pressing into a dough and cooking it 'pizza dough style' with red sauce, It tastes exactly like you'd imagine - a faint cauliflower smell with a great slightly spongy texture and a crispy edge. I topped mine with onions and mushrooms but the sky's the limit here. Recipe coming soon. 


Headspace is a meditation app I discovered on the hunt for a good 10 minute daily dose of focus and clarity. It is a bit ironic that an app like Headspace promoting peace and calm comes out of the digital clutter of our smartphone...It's like holding a Curves class in a doughnut shop.

Either way, as an adult with ADD, headspace (along with a good clean diet) has been a lifesaver for my scattered brain. I've tried similar meditation apps and podcasts but none have been as effective or as engaging. There's a free 10 day trial. For a full year it's $70, which thinking about how much you would pay for a daily guided meditation that you really believe in, it truly is worthy every penny for your peace of mind. 


You would probably walk past this shop with the funny 2 headed logo on the corner of Prince and Mott if you weren't directly searching for it. It came as a recommendation for an annual camping trip I take to the Catskills and thankfully so. Trends come and go in the city but this place brings the outdoor apparel trend to a new level with a curated + cool boutique display. I love an outdoor concept that can be transformed into a full lifestyle brand, blending my love for nature with city fashion. If you're ever downtown come check them out. 


For me, traveling to a place I've never been is just as exciting as trying the food from that region. My favorite future mother-in-law, Mrs Gay Monica, gifted me this as she knew I've been a huge Jamie Oliver geek since I started watching the Naked Chef on the BBC and then cooking my way through his cookbooks when I first moved to New York City. Flipping through these pages is super inspiring and a trip around the Mediterranean, North Africa and beyond. The book is full of tajines from Morocco, beautiful Spanish tapas, paella, rustic polentas and risottos. Jamie re-creates a lot of the dishes that first made him a household name and gets you excited about exploring the unfamiliar markets in your own neighborhood. Big ups to my man Jamie on this great read!


As a creative person living and working in New York City, this guy constantly reminds me that living here is as unique and special as what I, myself, bring to the city. Here's what I mean and here's why you should start making Casey Neistat's vlog part of your daily routine. 

Unless you're a YouTube junkie or filmmaker you may have never heard of Casey Neistat.  With so little time in my day for myself, let alone someone else, I was always skeptical about the idea of taking time out to watch someone's daily life via video log or 'vlog'. It sounds about as exciting as using pokemon hunting as my form of exercise. 

Youtube, since its beginnings has always been a rapidly changing platform, reinventing itself along the way as technology mixed with creative minds, resulting in a more savvy space with no boundaries. As with most Youtubers and vloggers Casey started from the ground up (after dropping out of High School) yet what makes him different is how he carved his way into the Youtube world as a self taught short filmmaker, taking his storytelling to a different level. With now over 5 million subscribers he also makes videos for brands like Nike and Mercedes, all while uploading daily vlogs. With just a few minutes of each day, Neistat (who shares an erie resemblance to Bill S. Preston Esq. from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure), lets you in on his life as the way you or I see things, with the same wants and desires, except through the lens of a master filmmaker (think Wes Anderson meets unpolished DIY everyman). He stands up for the same values as I do, evoking and inspiring others to do the same and it's just really cool to watch. It's hard to get in exactly why he's so influential in a paragraph but if you're like me, I think you'll also find him relevant. Check out his channel HERE