We're back in Portland, OR this week and we're loving soaking up these first few days of Fall. The smell of burning leaves on my morning runs through the Springwater Corridor and the autumn colors are making my heart giddy. I could really live in this town but Portlanders I've talked to have all said the same thing, that there is a slim job market here. How could this be true in a city that seems to be so popular with so many east coasters and brooklynites making their way to the Pacific Northwest. Anyway, this question and more for another time. I miss Japan but these things this week remind me why it's great to be American. 


photo credit:  @andrecerullo

photo credit: @andrecerullo

We noticed the smell of fresh waffles cones in the air walking about Nob Hill in Portland and then saw a trail of people sharing ice cream in waffle cones so we were curious and stopped in to see what the buzz inside was all about.  This place (also a location in LA) will put a smile on anyones face. They totally get that offering unique and interesting flavors in a bright happy corner store that smells waffley delicious will hook you with little effort. The bitter orange and olive oil was the winner for me. Some other samples we tried were the pear + blue cheese , apples + donuts, and stumptown coffee + bourbon...all amazing! I also heard that it's the fastest growing company in Portland - pretty cool!




Alicia's parents bought me this at Christmas and somehow I've managed to keep it this long. Putting on after shave is never at the top of my list after shaving but this stuff makes me excited. A small dollop goes a long way. The smooth clear gel is the perfect mix of aloe and tea tree oil that makes my face and neck all crisp and smooth on these cool Fall Portlandia mornings. 



It's no new news for our close family and friends buuuut for the past year we have been looking for an engagement ring. So, every city we having been searching out unique jewelry stores and we found this great one on YELP. Among the varieties of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pieces to sort through by different designers like Nora Kogan, Lisa Jenks, and Rebecca Overmann, the service keeps a cool inviting approach. We've been back twice ;)



Drive 25 mins east from Portland, down the Columbia River Gorge, and you'll find Multnomah Falls. Even with all of the tourist schlepping their strollers and photo equipment up the paved path to the bridge, it's something everyone should see once in their lives. Negative ions are bouncing everywhere (creating positive energy and mood enhancing vibes) the closer you get to the water. Start your hike at Wahkeena Falls and loop around trail #420 and on to #421. This dumps you out at the top of Multnomah Falls. This is really just the tip of the iceberg for hiking in the area. For something more secluded keep going east down 84 to Oneonta Falls or Punchbowl Falls. Happy trails!

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Social media in the last few days has blown up about this album newly released by Ryan Adams (who I totally dig). It covers all Taylor Swift songs and I gotta say, it's a great album. Due to his unique rock style you hear lyrics in a different light, which in turn gives me a new respect for Taylor Swift, whom I never really listened to before now. It's interesting how people are getting in an uproar about it even though Swift and Adams are friends, he asked her permission, and it's all completely legal.  Here's one of my favorites: Bad Blood.