▹  Sunday Theory is the belief that Sunday is sacred.

▹  How we spend our Sunday can be applied to every day of the week. Sunday is both a day for winding down and for preparation. By applying this idea, we are bettering ourselves from the rituals that we create.

▹  Our blog is a curated list of unbiased recommendations and a place for like-minded people celebrating the same love for self care, food, and a clean mind and body.  We love sharing the products we stand by, and the places and people that we love the most.

▹  Our mission is to help people - To make people feel good about themselves inside and out and to share our research and findings that we believe can truly heal.  

The Team

Nick and Alicia are world travelers and seekers. Through nature, they see the world as colors, tastes, smells, feelings, music, and art.  To them, inner and outer beauty are reflections of each other.  

Sunday Theory is a journey delving into the basic principles of feeding our bodies right, keeping mindful that the food we eat is medicine and the products we use as clean and natural to the earth as possible. This is just the beginning of our journey. 

Alicia, trained in integrative nutrition and beauty, is passionate about health and skincare and believes that looking your best makes you shine from within. Nick is a trained chef, actor and outdoor enthusiast, foraging the earth for all her hidden treasures. 

Nicholas Belton

Nick's Favorite Sunday Activity Finding hidden cliffs to jump off of in the Catskills and coming home to make food for the week. 

He's Addicted To Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Favorite Bar + DrinkSugar House in Detroit, MI

Scotch Egg (Laphroaig scotch, tawny port, maple syrup, bacon bitters, whole egg).

In Nick's Spare Time You Can Find Him | Smelling things and filleting aloe & blending it with coconut water.

Whose Closet Would He Like To Raid | Justin O'Shea, Max Poglia, and Leon Bridges.

What He Wont Travel Without | Mini blender for shakes, a variety of spices, and my vitamin tower.

Ingredient That Is Overrated | Platters of raw broccoli, cauliflower, and ranch. 

Ingredient That Makes  Everything Better | Sambal Oelek. A less hot and more tangy version of sriracha, makes everything taste better.

Alicia Monica

Alicia's Favorite Sunday Activity | Strolling around the West Village and people watching for hours while noshing at cute cafes. 

She's Addicted To | Massages and Nars Dragon Girl Lip Crayon.

Favorite Bar + Drink | Las Perlas in Downtown LA

400 Rabbits (Antiguo Reposado tequila, blackberries, port wine and a pinot float garnished with fresh flowers).

In Alicia's Spare Time You Can Find Her | Binging on YouTube videos.

Whose Closet Would She Like To Raid | Maja Wyh, Erin Wasson, and Sienna Miller.

What She Wont Travel Without | A massive scarf (a thin one for summer and a thick one for winter) to use as a blanket or ball up to make a pillow.

Ingredient That Is Overrated | Cilantro

Ingredient That Makes Everything Better | Pesto for savory and amaretto for sweet!